"Our property looked better than ever this past summer.  Thank you for taking care of us."  
- Angie Marriott

Our property is situated on the side of a hill on Jockey Cove with little flat space for gardens of any kind. When we decided to build a year-round in place of the summer camp, there were many challenges. Working with Dave and staff in the planning phase allowed us to create exactly what we envisioned with the added bonus of actually less maintenance than we had before.  Wonderful people to have around and an extremely competent organization to work with.  - Barbara and Emery Olcott

The very first thing that anyone visiting our property says is "What beautiful landscaping you have".  And ask me what my favorite thing is about our home, I'd tell you "the incredible view from our living room window and the incredible landscaping that surrounds it".     - Steve and Marty Johnson, Wolfeboro

"Our vision for the landscaping plan at our house was to be both beautiful and yet complimentary to the natural surroundings of the site.  Dave and his team at Carroll County Landscape not only understood our intentions, but actually took it to the next level.  We are extremely pleased with the outcome, and would recommend them highly."  - Jim and Sue Scarborough, Wolfeboro

Carroll County Landscape designed and maintained our home on Lake Winnipesaukee for years. 
Their extensive landscape experience and work ethics are invaluable.  We are very pleased. 
- Leonard and Dorothy Cass

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